Covid-19 Disinfecting

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Take Measures to Stop the Spread of COVID-19

Start with our COVID-19 disinfecting services in Palm Springs & Cathedral City, CA

COVID-19 has vastly changed the way we all see cleanliness. Now, home and business owners have higher standards for cleaning work. You need a company that you can trust to meet these high standards. Deluxe Cleaning and Janitorial Services is your source for effective COVID-19 disinfecting services in Palm Springs & Cathedral City, CA. All of our products are approved by the CDC, so you can feel confident in our processes.

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A more effective clean

Our team provides electrostatic cleaning services. This means we spray an electrostatically charged mist over every surface in your home or commercial space. The particles in the spray are positively charged, so they stick to surfaces better and longer. Our spray also cleans the air in your space. The result is thorough disinfection and protection from future germs.

Schedule electrostatic cleaning services in Cathedral City, CA today. You'll feel better prepared to reduce the spread of COVID-19 after working with us.